These are some of the carto & geo blogs that I keep my eye on…

Ordnance Survey Blog – to which I contribute

Christopher Wesson: Cartographic Design & Development by my friend and colleague Chris Wesson

A Cartographer’s Toolkit by Gretchen Peterson

The Marauding Cartonerd by Kenneth Field

Nathan’s QGIS Blog by Nathan Woodrow

Spatially Adjusted by James Fee

ESRI ArcGIS Resources blog

Mapping News by Mapperz

fuck yeah cartography!

Ed Parsons blog

Mostly Maps by Gary Gale

Graphicarto by Mike Foster

Bostonography byAndy Woodruff & Tim Wallace

Axis Maps Blog – Cartography. Visualization. Design

The blog of Andy Woodruff, a cartographer by…you guessed it, Andy Woodruff – Visualisation, Analysis and Resources by James Cheshire

The Mapping London Blog by Oliver O’Brien & James Cheshire

Free and Open Source GIS Ramblings by Anita Graser

Spatial Analysis by Michael Markieta

Suprageography by Oliver O’Brien

MapBrief by Brian Timoney

Map Lab by Wired

MapBox blog