MapBox: Carto awesomeness

MapBox is awesome!

Since being founded in 2010 the company has quickly become a poster-boy for online mapping, especially where OpenStreetMap is concerned. With their tagline ‘Fast and beautiful maps’ and their dedication to using and developing open source software and open data, MapBox is now one of the most talked-about brands in the mapping industry.

I believe that a big reason for this rapid rise to awesomeness is their commitment to design. High quality design is at the forefront of everything they do – from their great website and slick, intuitive UX to their beautifully crafted maps including MapBox Streets as used by Foursquare.

All tools developed by MapBox fit their brand identity and are easy-to-use, including TileMill, their open source map design studio. TileMill is somewhat revolutionary in its approach to map-making and sharing. Although its styling language, CartoCSS, is not the first of its kind it, it is certainly the finest example of CSS-based cartography and makes creating cool maps relatively simple, allowing Photoshop-like effects.

Map-making was, for many many years a specialist craft, largely dominated by National Mapping Agencies and other large cartography houses. With the recent boom of open source geo tools and open geodata, mapping has become democratised to the point where anyone with a computer and internet access can now make maps and carry out basic analytics.

MapBox have really embraced these recent developments and are continually pushing the boundaries. As a cartographer it is great to see a company that values cartographic design as a core asset. (It amazes me that so much GIS and web mapping software ignores quality design!)

I will continue to follow MapBox keenly and also use and recommend their mapping tools to fellow mapmakers.


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