London: All mapped out

Last week my brother and I went to London to see Neil Young & Crazy Horse at the O2 Arena. The doors opened at 18:30 and we arrived in the capital via Waterloo station at 15:00, giving us a few hours to fill. Filling time in London is never a problem – there is so much to see and do and you can lose hours just soaking up the culture and people-watching. We decided to take a casual stroll along the southside of the River Thames, east towards Bank – after stopping for a couple of beers we ended up as far as London Bridge.

As a carto geek I do always keep an eye out for maps when out and about, but during our walk I was constantly struck by how many maps there were. I expected tube maps to adorn almost every wall of the underground stations and the fantastic pedestrian way-finding system known as Legible London, but in addition to those I saw a new map round nearly every corner we turned, and each had a unique, eye-catching design.

Now it shouldn’t really be too surprising in such a dense tourist trap to find maps as ‘The Big Smoke’ does resemble an urban maze and would otherwise be impossible to navigate, but I didn’t expect to see so many. It really drove home to me how location aware we are nowadays and how maps are well and truly engrained in the public consciousness. Since the advent of web mapping and the growth of location-aware mobile devices, maps have become ubiquitous in our society.

As a cartographer it was really great to see so many diverse examples of cartographic design and to witness the power of mapping – the power to keep a bustling city on the right path!

I have made a simple map using ‘OS VectorMap District – Full Colour raster’ to highlight the route that my brother and I walked:

Walk in London
Walk in London – click to enlarge

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