Sharing some great tutorials

I want to share some of the great tutorials that I have come across from fellow map makers on the web. I haven’t necessarily worked through all of these but from just reading them have either learnt new tips and tricks or just been really impressed and inspired.

Using MapBox and TileMill with OS OpenData by my friend and colleague Jack Harrison (@jhrrsn)

Glowing Hot Maps – QGIS Meets GIMP by Anita Graser aka Underdark (@underdarkGIS)

Global Connectivity Revisited: mapping out 58,288 flight routes by Michael Markieta aka (@MichaelMarkieta)

Styling data in TileMill by MapBox (@MapBox) – this is just one section of the fantastic TileMill documentation

Point Stacker example by OpenGeo (@OpenGeo)

And here is a map I made by following Michael Markieta’s fantastic tutorial on mapping OpenFlights data…

A world connected
A world connected



2 thoughts on “Sharing some great tutorials

    1. Cheers Michael, thanks very much for posting the tutorial, I did some stuff in ArcMap that I’d never done before so learnt a lot from it. I was inspired after seeing your maps on the BBC website.

      Mine isn’t up to that standard but I hope to use the techniques again in the future.


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