My first post

So…this is the biggie – the first post!

I’ll start by introducing myself…my name is Charley and I live in Southampton, England. I am a son and brother to a great family, a husband to an incredible wife and a father to a gorgeous daughter and a bump due in 10 weeks! Basically I am one lucky guy enjoying life.

I am also a cartographer and have been for the best part of 10 years. I am currently working for Ordnance Survey as a Cartographic Design Consultant where me and my 2 teammates are responsible for all things of a cartographic nature. We work on a diverse range of projects from product design to custom, one-off maps for charity events, from web maps to map merchandise.

I love maps, I am a self-confessed map geek! I think cartography is a really powerful and relatable form of visual communication, a language that everyone can understand. I think everyone is interested in maps in one way or another, be that for helping them to better understand the world or simply just appreciating their aesthetic beauty. I find it frustrating that cartography is so often overlooked and undervalued, even by others in the geospatial industry. This has been the case for some time now, at least for the past decade…but things are beginning to change.

Cartography is enjoying a renaissance! Map making has been democratised by an influx of data, tools and resources that are readily (and often freely) available and advances in technology have brought maps to the forefront of the public consciousness. Cartography is now more important than ever!

I’ve been contemplating my own cartography blog for some time now but have been unsure as to what angle to take.

I’ve decided to stop thinking about blogging and to finally make a start.

My aim is to have a blog full of beautiful maps and helpful content to encourage great cartography. I want it to be a positive blog that celebrates a discipline that I have grown to love and appreciate.

To start the ball rolling I have put together a brief about me page which contains links to some of my own maps, and I have started to compile a list of helpful resources and a list of useful blogs on my other pages.


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